Admission Criteria

Student must have passed Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent examination in second division with at least 45% marks (under annual system) at least 2.0 CGPA out of 4.0 (under semester system) from any HEC recognized Institution, in a field of study relating to the respective subject he/she desires to take admission.

Course Outline

Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
COM-551 Principles of Management 3(3-0)
COM-553 Principles of Marketing 3(3-0)
COM-555 Accounting for Decision making 3(3-0)
COM-557 Research Methods in  Business 3(3-0)
ECO-521 Managerial Economics 3(3-0)

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
COM-552 Financial Management 3(3-0)
COM-554 Management Accounting 3(3-0)
COM-556 Quantitative Techniques in Business 3(3-0)
COM-558 Entrepreneurship 3(3-0)
COM-560 Organizational Behavior 3(3-0)

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
COM-651 Financial Statement Analysis 3(3-0)
COM-653 Operation & Production Management 3(3-0)
COM-655 Management Information System 3(3-0)
  COM- Elective-1 4(4-0)
  COM- Elective-2 4(4-0)

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
COM-652 Human Resource Management 3(3-0)
COM-654 International Business 3(3-0)
COM-656 Strategic Management 3(3-0)
  COM- Elective-3 4(4-0)
  COM- Elective-4 4(4-0)
COM-682 Internship Report Viva Voice 3(3-0)

Field of Specialization


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
COM-657 Financial Reporting 4(4-0)
COM-658 Advanced Accounting 4(4-0)
COM-659 Government Accounting 4(4-0)
COM-660 International Accounting 4(4-0)
COM-661 Industrial Accounting 4(4-0)
COM-662 Advance Auditing Problems 4(4-0)


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
COM-663 Investment and Portfolio Management      4(4-0)
COM-664 Project Management 4(4-0)
COM-665 International Finance 4(4-0)
COM-666 Taxation; Theory and Practice 4(4-0)
COM-667 Corporate Finance 4(4-0)
COM-668 Islamic Banking and Finance 4(4-0)