The Usmanian Foundation has vision to provide education and financial assistance to needy intelligent and hard working students in Pakistan. To achieve its objective, Usmanian Foundation will establish educational institutions for research work in the field of education and offering various programs to enhance the capability of youth in their respective areas of education.


The objects for which the Foundation has been constituted are as follow:

  1. To provide food, shelter and medical treatment to people who have been victims of the extremists.
  2. To establish Dispensaries and Hospitals for the welfare of general public.
  3. To establish and adopt Educational Institutions for the welfare of general public.
  4. To create awareness among the youth through publications and electronic media to avoid use of drugs.
  5. To give stipends, grants, and aids to deserving students belonging to poor families who find it difficult to continue their education.
  6. To facilitate people in shape of financial as well as medical aid
  7. To facilitate general public by providing legal expertise
  8. To urge and convince poor parents to send their children to schools instead of putting them on jobs.
  9. To work in cooperation with other institutions having same objective as ours foundation.